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Rev. Steve Stone is one the finest preachers in Mt. Pilot, NC. Hear ye him.
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Pappy's Bell Anniversaries-Men Day Men's Day
Similar->Exposition: Proverbs 1:7;
Genesis 4:8
Donuts Cross: Three crosses on a hill Salvation, what Jesus did for us
Leaning on the Arms of God Faith Trusting God
Unrepaired Toys Faith Let God do His work
Worry Took Them Faith Don't worry
Similar->Exposition: Luke 8:25
Better than a stranger Family Value of  Family
Similar->Exposition:Genesis 4:10; 
Genesis 31:3
The Real Boss (Humor) Family Marriage Enrichment
A Friends Oath Friendship What a friend does
Similar->Exposition: Proverbs 18:24
Two Boxes In My Hands (Thought) Friendship Blessing of friendship
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me Funerals Prepared for Death
Similar->Exposition: Luke 8:52
Keep Your Fork Funerals:After the rain the Son will shine After death comes a better life
Mommy Went To Heaven Funerals Mother's Death
Exposition:Genesis 24:67
The Empty Chair Funerals Death
Similar->Exposition:Genesis 5:24;
Genesis 15:15
A Little Help Inspiration Everyone needs help sometime
Heaven's Grocery Store Inspiration Nature of blessings
Similar->Exposition: Genesis 28:12
Here's Your Sign (Humor) Inspiration Stupid things people do
Similar->Exposition: Genesis 19:26
Learning from Noah Inspiration Tip From Noah's Ark
Similar->Exposition: Genesis 6:16
Losing My Memory Inspiration Sunday Worship
My Shepherd Inspiration "The Place To Meet God" How God provides
One Liners (Humor) Inspiration Church humor
Similar->Exposition: Proverbs 17:22
The Names Of Christ Inspiration What's in a name What Christ is named
Similar->Exposition: John 1:42
The Pastor's Attention Getter (Humor) Inspiration Sunday Worship
What if God... Inspiration Sunday Worship
What is God Like? Inspiration Comparing God to life
Similar->Exposition: John 1:1
When Money Talks Inspiration How people give
Who will move the rock? Inspiration Sunday  Worship
Love That Won't Let Go Love Abiding love
Place where feelings live Love: "Four Dimensions of Love" Four types of love
Similiar Exposition:Genesis 29:20
A Thief Broke In Today Membership Improvement Stay on your guard
Similar->Exposition:1 Corinthians 5:6-7;
Ephesians 6:13
Where is my Rolex? Membership Improvement Sunday Worship
I'm Okay Mothers "Her own works praise her" Hope frustrated mothers
Similar->Exposition:Proverbs 31:10
When Mom Takes Off Mothers: The hand that rocks the cradle Mothers shape futures Exodus 2:7-8
How much does a miracle cost? Miracles Let God do it
Similar->Exposition: Genesis 22:7
The Missing Day Miracles Miracles on the mountainside God's miracles are real
Building your own house Missions Sunday Worship
Similar->Exposition: 1 Corinthians 3:10
The Little Moments (Testimony) Missions Mission, Service, Knowledge
Similar->Exposition: Hosea 4:6
The Kansas Preacher's Prayer Prayer Public Prayers
Aiming At Your Enemies Revival Revival & Evangelism
He Saw You From The Window Revival; Similiar:Forgive & Forget God is forgiving
Similar->Exposition:1 Chronicles 17:18
Hell is waiting for you Revival "Why Should I go to heaven when all my friends are going to hell?" Heaven & Hell
Similar->Exposition: 1 Corinthians 2:9
The King With Four Wives Revival Don't neglect your soul
The Repentant Painter Revival Revival & Evangelism
The Empty Cage Revival Revival & Evangelism
The Speed Trap Revival We receive warnings
The Story of Soul Revival Redemption
Similar->Exposition:1 Corinthians 6:11
The Ticket Revival God gives us a second chance
Similar Exposition: Genesis 41:41
I Give You Me Stewardship: How much do I owe him Giving God Your All
Similar->Exposition:Luke 16:5
The Glass of Milk Thanks Thanksgiving/Harvest
The Ungrateful heir Thanks Thanksgiving/Harvest
The Wife's Day Off Women Woman's value
Similar->Exposition: Genesis 2:22-23;
Genesis 29:18
Children's Bill of Rights Youth Youth Day
Hell Knows No Age Youth Decide for Christ early
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