The Pastor's Attention Getter 

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Dr. Gregory Maddox is pastor of the First Baptist Church of Baltimore, Md. He is a great pulpiteer. Hear ye him.
The Pastor's Attention Getter

The pastor of a big church couldn't get the attention of his members; they were always talking during his sermons.
One Sunday morning he came up with the idea that he would say a word and when he smacked his podium
 someone, was to stand up and sing the first song that came to mind. 

 He began his sermon and said "RIVER," and slammed his hand on the podium. A little boy stood up and sang,
 "We Shall Gather At The River." So the pastor continued and said "GRACE," and then slammed his hand down on
 the podium and a woman stood up and started singing "Amazing Grace." 

 The preacher then continued and said "SEX," and then slammed his hand down on the podium. An elderly woman
 stood up and started singing, "PRECIOUS MEMORIES HOW THEY LINGER." 

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