Losing My Memory 

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Rev. Orlando D. Franklin is the pastor the New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Ruteville, Mississippi. He is an outstanding preacher. Hear ye him.
Losing My Memory

  Just a line to say I'm living
  That I'm not among the dead
  Though I'm getting more forgetful
  And more mixed up in my head.
  For sometimes I can't remember,
  When I stand at the foot of the stair,
  If I must go up for something
  Or if I've just come down from there.
  Standing before the fridge so often
  My poor mind is full of doubt.
  Have I just put food away
  Or have I come to take some out?
  There are times when it is dark out
  With my night cap on my head
  I don't know if I'm retiring
  Or just getting out of bed!
  So if it's my turn to write you
  There's no need in getting sore.
  I may think that I have written
  And I don't want to be a bore.
  So remember I do love you
  And I wish that you were here.
  But now it's nearly mail time
  So I must say goodbye, my Dear.
  Here I stand beside the mailbox
  With my face so very red;
  Instead of mailing you this letter
  I opened it instead...

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