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Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1. Is there an IPad App for the sermon ideas website?

    A general app that links your iPad to our website is "Sermon Ideas for IPad."

    There is also an iPhone and iPad app called "Sermon Idea App Subscription." This app will always contain the latest sermons in our database and is readable WITHOUT internet access. Hundreds of the sermons from our catalog are stored directly on the app. 

    It contains the complete sermon notes and Power Point slides. It also contains "Preacher to Preacher" podcasts and Bible study materials.

    It allows you to read and make notes on each sermon directly from your phone or iPad. 

    It requires a $9.99 monthly subscription

  • 2. When I try to browse categories or lists using my IPad the lists won't scroll. I swipe with my finger, but nothing happens

    To scroll lists on the IPad you must use TWO fingers. Otherwise nothing happens.

  • 3. Is there a mobile version of sermonideas?

    If you use the browser on your phone and type in you will find that it has been configured to fit the screen on your phone. You can browse our catalog, make an order or listen to Preach Radio from any smartphone. If you save the address to your home screen, the site will appear among your other apps on your screen,

  • 4. Can I save my order and open it later on my Ipad?

    No. Your iPad does not have a hard drive. You can open a file and read them on your iPad, but they are not saved to your iPad. It's best to download the files you want to keep using your desktop.

    However, if you keep your email from containing your ordered items, you can always re-download them at will.

  • LOGIN:

  • I tried to login and my password was not recognized.

    You will not be able to login if any of the following situations apply:

    1. You misspell either your email address or password. Solution: Retype them correctly. Your login information is case-sensitive.

    2. Your subscription has expired. Solution: Renew your subscription online. If you feel there is an error, call our office a 1-800-347-6019.

    3. Your card was declined. Solution: Call our office to get your password reactivated. If you choose to renew online, be sure to use a different credit card.

    4. Your account has not been activated. Subscriptions can take as long as 24 hours to be activated. 

    Since our offices close on the weekend, subscriptions made over the weekend may not be activated until Monday mornings. Often a call to our office or an email using our contact us button can alert us to your situation, even on the weekends.


  • How can I receive notices of discounts and specials

    You can receive text notices by entering your cell phone number and carrier on the "Free Services" section of our home page. Look for "Get Cell Phone Alerts."  When new items or discount specials are added to our site you will get a short text message alert.

    You can also click on "Free Services" on our home page or sign up for newsletters on the home page. The newsletter provides you with helpful insights as well as discount information.


  • When I download a music track, how can I play it?

    The music tracks are standard mp3 files. They can be played on any device that plays MP3's. You can play them on Itunes on your computer or cell phone. You can also play them using Windows Media Player on your computer. You can also burn the files to a CD and play them in your automobile other mp3 player. In most cases, on you computer all you have to do is click on the file and your computer will find the appropriate player if it is installed and begin playing your selection


  • Can I pay for my order with a check?

    No. The system no longer accepts online for security purposes.

  • How long does it take to receive my order?

    If you select "email" as your delivery method, your order will be available for download instantly. Since most orders have at least five files associated with each item, it is quicker to download them. When your order is complete, you will receive a thank you message and a link to download instantly. If you like, however, we can send you an email with the files attached.

    FEDEX: Can be delivered in either three days or next day

    PRIORITY MAIL: Generally, three business days.

    REGULAR MAIL: Generally, five business days.

  • I am a monthly subscriber, how do I get my free monthly sermons?

    Subscribers must login into the control panel using your email address and password to get your free monthly sermons. You CANNOT get your free sermons by clicking "Browse our Catalog." Subscribers must login first. Follow these steps. Click Subscriber login on the home page, then enter your information. In your control panel, click the second item in the list "Free Sermons for the Month." A list of all sermons available for download will appear. You may not see but seven or eight sermons on your screen, scroll down to see the continuous list. Click the items you want, then click proceed to download. The screen will change and you will see the titles that you selected. You may see the same title more than once because the same sermon is presented in several different formats. Choose all of them or just the ones you wan

  • I don't trust the internet. Can I call in my order?

    You can call our office and make your order over the telephone Monday -Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 Noon

  • When I download my purchases, I see many copies of the same item, is this a mistake?

    Your order includes several versions of the same sermon. You can tell the difference by the three letters at the end: TXT-Is a plain text version of your sermon that will work with any word processor, in case you don't use Microsoft Word.

    DOC.-The sermon is formatted in a full sheet version in 12 point arial type with a 28 point bold headline. Usually in five sheets.

    PDF-Your sermon is laid out in booklet form. You can cut the pages apart or fold them to fit inside of your bible. The titles are in color and the points are in bold letters.

    PPT.- These are power point slides that have been keyed to the various points in the sermon. The transitions, fades and exits have already been prepared for you. Use these on your projector screen.

    JPG.-This file can be used by the person who prepares your Sunday Bulletin. This the art work for a page in your Sunday Bulletin. It contains a photo, scripture and summary of the sermon you will be preaching. Give this file to your secretary, she'll know what to do with it.

    MP3. - This file contains a couple of minutes of audio of Pastor Wright either closing or making a high point about the sermon.

  • When I order can I open up my files on my IPAD?

    Yes. Once you complete an online order, you given the option to click to download. The files can be viewed on an Ipad or Iphone.


  • How can I get my sermons listed on Preach Radio?

    Send us a CD or email us the audio file of your sermon. Be sure to identify the sermon title, speaker, location and date. There is no charge. Send to: Sermon Ideas, P.O. Box 4717, Monroe, La. 71211. Email to:

  • How do I get to the preach radio section so that I can hear the free sermons?

    From the home page click on the "Free preaching 24 Hours/Day" button. The player will begin to play one the featured sermons. However, you can scroll down the list and select the sermon of your choice.

    When your selected sermon finishes, the next sermon in the que begins unless you select a different title or exit the radio player.


  • How do I use the promocodes to get discounts.

    To use the promo codes for discount you should select your items and add them to your shopping cart. When you have selected all items that you want and you are ready to pay, "Click to pay" and this will take to a screen that will show you the items you have selected. Just above the "Grand Total" of your purchase you will see a block entitled "Promo Code." Enter the promo code word in this block. Your total will be recalculated after the promocode discount is applied.


  • How can I read a sample sermon?

    From the home page Click "Sermon Resources" then click "Sample Sermon."

  • Is there a way I can read a few pages of a sermon to see whether I want it or not?

    Once you have located the sermon you desire, the first page of the sermon will show for most items on the left. Shortly after, the art work that has been designed for you to use on your Sunday Bulletin will appear.

    You can also hear a way that the sermon can close out by clicking the play button that appears underneath the "quantity" button on the catalog page.You will get about 2 minutes of audio that gives you a flavor for the way the sermon can be closed out.

    Audio will start when you click the play button. It can be stopped by clicking the pause button.


  • 1. How are sermons in the Roosevelt Wright, Jr. Library constructed?

    Sermons by Roosevelt Wright, Jr. on are designed to be delivered in about 25 minutes. They contain an average of 2300 words, laid out on five single spaced pages.

    They are evangelical and pastoral. They deal with the every day issues faced by believers struggling to understand their own lives.

    The theme of each sermon is supported by a primary text that is relevant to the topic.

    Most of the sermons begin with a question. When a listener answers the question mentally, it has a tendency to personalize the message and get their attention.

    The introduction of the message is often a commentary on the times. It makes references to music, trends, events and personalities that impact the daily lives of listeners. 

    At the end of the introduction is the thesis statement which is the main thought of message, prefaced by the phrase “As Christians.” The thought that follows is the takeaway or idea that the pulpit hopes the pew receives from the message.

    After the introduction there is an exposition of the scripture. Here, the selected text will be explained in terms of its historical setting, context, grammar and the meanings of words in the modern context. 

    It is enough explanation to confirm the meaning of the text, but not so much that it flies over the heads of listeners, who often may not be Bible scholars.

    After the exposition there will be three life experience points extracted from the text. Each point usually contains enough starter ideas, illustrations and stories, that make it easy for pastors to tailor the points to their own congregations.

    The close of the sermon makes the final point. It repeats the theme of points presented and then shifts into a celebration mode.

    The close for each sermon is not instructional, but inspirational. It is meant to celebrate the Christian faith, encourage the weak and inspire hope.

    Each sermon will lead to the death, burial and resurrection of Christ highlighted by the tradition in African-American pulpits of using the phrase “Early Sunday morning” to indicate that Christ is alive today and is still in the blessing business.

    This is the layout of each sermon ideas in our sermon library.

  • 2. Are the sermons copyrighted? What about plagiarism?

    The sermons in the Roosevelt Wright, Jr. Library are available for free use but are not available for resale.

    It is expected that ministers will revise each sermon's content to tailor it for their congregations.

    Plagiarism is not a concern. Neither is attribution. Solomon said there is "Nothing new under the sun."

    Feel free to modify these ideas in any way you choose without the fear of breaking plagiarism rules.

    We are confident that once the Holy Spirit does His work, that the words in each set of sermon notes will become His word for your congregation.

  • 3. How do I search for sermons by title, number or scripture

    This tutorial will help you learn how to make a general search for a title or scripture you seek.

    Go to the home page then click on yellow heading “Catalog.”

    The screen will change to show a search bar on the left and the results area on the right.

    Use search catalog block on the left to find sermon by scripture, catalog number or by a title.

    The search catalog block is just under the words “our catalog.” Inside a white rectangle you will see the words “search catalog.” This is where you will type the words you want to search for.

    Before typing anything in the search block, indicate that you want to search all categories by clicking the red label “All Categories.” This will cause your search to search every possible category.

    Next prepare to make your search. Go back up to the search catalog block

    If you are searching for a sermon by scripture, in the search space, type the name of the book you seek.  For example, if you type in “Genesis” and then click the little magnifying glass. Instantly, the screen to your right will change and show you sermons that are based on the book of “Genesis” or have Genesis in the title or description.

    If want to narrow your search to a specific chapter, click “All categories” then in the search space type the chapter after the book name. Type the chapter with three digits. For Genesis 17, type Genesis 017 and you will find any sermon that is based on Genesis chapter 17. The reason you must use three digits is because one book, Psalms has 150 chapters.

    Use the search catalog to search by scripture or catalog number or by title. For example if you type in catalog number 10204 a single sermon will appear on the right. If you don’t know the full name of the sermon you can type one single word and your results will show every sermon with that word in the title or description. For example, if we type in “mercy,” the results will show several sermons that contain the word mercy in the title or description.

    Just above the first sermon you will see a log that shows you the total number of sermons in our catalog based on the item you search for. If we search for “Genesis.” The number of sermons in the results are presented in alphabetical order based on the title.

    To the right you will see a series of numbers that will allow you to go to a particular page.

    Below those numbers you will see two words, “Grid” and “List.” These two words refer to how you see your search search results. “Grid” shows you the sermon topic graphically, with art work. However, if you type on “List” the screen will change and show your search results in a list form without the graphics.

    Now you know how to make a general search in every category, with the results displayed nine to a screen in either a grid or a list format.

  • 4. Is there a way for me to get summary of the sermon before I purchase?

  • 5. How do I use the Amazing Sermon Builder

  • 6. How do I download my free sermons for the month

  • 7. Can sermons in your volumes be copied into my word processor?

    Yes. Open the volume on screen. Highlight the section that you want and copy. Open your word processor to a blank page and select "Paste."

    You can also print from the volumes as well. Select print and indicate the page numbers that you want printed. Be sure to indicate the page numbers or your printer will attempt to print the entire volume.

  • 8. How can I find sermons for the common lectionary or the African-American lectionary?


  • Can I get someone to help me if I have a problem?

    Our office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. We close at noon on Friday. If you call, we will be happy to walk you through the steps of using our system.

    We are not in a hurry. We will hold your hand and take you step by step, answering your questions along the way. (All of us are still learning this computer stuff) Our office staff can handle most of your problems. Since we take time with each pastor, you may have to leave a message and let us call you back. We will call back, then take as much time as you need to solve your problem.

    Call us at 1-800-347-6019

  • When I call your office on the weekends no one answers.

    You can get live support from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central) Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 12 noon on Friday. Our offices are closed on the weekends.

    If you are having a problem, send us an email, you will get an answer or a callback if you leave a phone number, even on the weekends.