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Pastor Wright Sermons

  1. Giving God empty praise-Pulpit Humor, 2014

  1. Pulpit Humor: Who will make the sacrifice? Nobody!

  1. Pulpit Humor: To get something you must turn loose something

  1. Closing: "Thanksgiving without Sacrifice" -2014

  1. Pulpit Humor: Suppose you could ask God for one gift for Christmas and be guaranteed to receive it?

  1. What you really want for Christmas is the Grace of God

  1. Sermon Closing: "All I want for Christmas" (2014)

  1. There will be Crooked Places

  1. It's gon' be alright

  1. In his time God will Answer

  1. The bread of life sweeps the kitchen

  1. Favor from the Faucets

  1. Ghetto Hookups

  1. God controls your faucets

  1. God shines even on a cloudy day

  1. Closing: Heavenly Faucets

  1. When it really looks dark

  1. Men must be good examples

  1. When faucets drip

  1. We need God Every Day

  1. Trying to cheat your way

  1. Responsibilities of Black Men

  1. Bright and morning and star

  1. Pulpit Humor: The expectant father in the waiting room

  1. God will deal with your enemies!

  1. Let God handle it!

  1. When others get credit you deserve

  1. Sermon Closing-In due time

  1. Between the dream and reality there is a struggle

  1. What are you willing to die for?

  1. Our dreams often make others furious

  1. Sermon: Yet another dream-closing

  1. Wagon Trains, Scouts and the Good Lord

  1. God has a plan with your name on it

  1. Seven blessings for the new year

  1. Sermon:"I will go before thee"-Closing

  1. Pulpit Humor-The little boy and the towel

  1. Adverse conditions won't last always

  1. Sermon: He may not come when you want Him-closing

  1. The Judge and the Chicken Thief

  1. Sermon: Bewitched, then saved-Closing

  1. The Fallacy of the Prosperity Gospel

  1. Homosexuals in the Black Church

  1. Wasting blessings and asking for more

  1. Recognizing your gifts

  1. Sermon: If God be for us- Closing

  1. Some kids count on absentee parents

  1. Black father's responsibility to his children

  1. The function of pain

  1. Yet I will rejoice in Him

  1. $100,000 offer to disown God

  1. Stake your claim

  1. If church folks had advertising disclaimers

  1. Stand on the Promises of God

  1. Ducks that refused to fly

  1. Straighten out the knots

  1. A real Christian not just passing

  1. Don't prostitute our women

  1. Christians by day, devils by night

  1. Does being black mean being ignorant

  1. Nigga and the King dream

  1. Sermon: 4th Down and Inches-Closing Preached on Superbowl Sunday February 2010

  1. Get over your Boogie Man

  1. Stop lying to yourself

  1. Why God is blessing you

  1. The reason for your season

  1. Do we want Justice or Mercy?

  1. Closing: I heard it through the grapevine