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Let us help you Research your sermon notes!

Do you have a sermon thought, but you don't have the time to research and develop it the way you want? Why not use the resources of to do the leg work for you!

It's like having the resources of a professional research team at your disposal on a poor preacher's budget.

God gives you the idea, we do your research, and you do the preaching!


Research instructions

  1. Give us the idea you want developed including a suggested title, and scripture. (If all you have is an idea, that's fine, we'll suggest a title and scripture or any part you don't have).
  2. Provide your religious denomination. Notes will reflect your denomination's teaching.
  3. Give us the occasion, and approximate age range of the audience and other information that describes the target audience.
  4. Provide any thoughts or details you would like included. Funeral eulogies can include sex and age range of deceased, profession, talents and other details.
  5. Give us a date. (The due date determines the fee. Three weeks or more $50.00; Two weeks, $75; one week $200)
  6. Your completed notes containing a suggested, title, scripture, introduction, scripture exposition, three points and a conclusion will be sent to you via email. (Approximately 2000-2500 words)

Track your Notes

There are 13 steps will use to develop your notes. They are:

1.) Prayer for anointing; 2.) Scripture selection; 3.) Data Gathering and research; 4.) Write introduction; 5.) Scripture exegesis; 6.) Write scripture exposition; 7.) Write point one; 8.) Write point two; 9.) Write point three; 10.) Write conclusion; 11.) First edit (audio); 12.) Second edit (Grammar); 13.) Review and email to minister.


You will be sent a tracking link as each of the 13 steps is completed to help you track the progress of your sermon note development.

That's all there is to it.


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