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Dave Adams pastors Mackie Branch Baptist Church in Gosport, Al. Hear ye him.


Welcome To The Distance Learning Program
For Subscribers of

Welcome To the Distance Learning Program for the Busy Pastor, provided by

As a subscriber, you can participate in this learning program and sharpen your ministry skills in an effective, timely manner, at your own leisure.

There is no tuition

As long as you are an online subscriber to you can participate in the online instruction program absolutely free.

There is no fee.

There are no books to buy.

Lessons Are Short But Effective

You will take several courses before you complete the program. They will involve the general history of Black Christians in America from their Baptist and Methodist roots in colonial America and slavery to the present. They will also involve homiletics, church polity and procedure, ministerial ethics, biblical studies (Including the Revelation), and Ministry helps.
Each of the various courses will have several short lessons for you to read. There will be links to web information about the subject being presented. You will be given a quiz that will test what you have learned. When information is presented that you already know, you can save yourself time by taking the quiz and moving to the next lesson. Your quizzes will be graded and correct answers shown to you immediately. (However, you don’t get to take the quiz over after we have shown you the answers.)
Once all courses work is complete, you will be awarded a certificate that you can proudly display.

Complete the Course At Your Own Pace

Busy pastors often cannot find time to attend a seminary or college. Our online program provides you with the same information in the fastest way possible.
You can progress quickly because we have cut out the fat. The things that you know can be skipped as you focus on that which you do not know.
You will take an online exam, receive a grade and proceed to the next lesson. If you don’t get it the first time, we’ll start you over again. You can’t fail because there is no time schedule. You learn when you are ready. You can complete the online course at your pace. There is no hurry.
Our online instruction taps the power of the internet to give you access to free study materials, encyclopedias, bibles, and other information that can help you learn what you need to know, quickly without a high college tuition.

Instructed by an Experienced Pastor

The instruction for all of our courses has been prepared by Roosevelt Wright, Jr, who has 38 years of preaching experience. He has served as pastor of the New Tabernacle Baptist Church in Monroe, La. for 30 years. He holds degrees from the University of Louisiana, and a Diploma of Christian Education from the National Baptist Convention. He has served as an instructor at United Theological Seminary and as a writer of Sunday School Lessons for the Sunday School Publishing Board of the National Baptist Convention. He has been a member of the teaching faculty of the Congress of Christian Education of the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A. since 1979. He is the author of several books on biblical studies, sermons, church ministry tools, and youth work; as well as 67 plays.
He is obviously qualified to offer this instructor to busy pastors and ministers through

You will receive a certificate

When you complete the course, you will receive a beautiful certificate to hang on your wall as evidence of your willingness to study. To look at the same certificate you will receive when you complete your study CLICK HERE.
You certificate is not a college diploma. It simply shows that you have spent time learning what you need to know. It says to anyone who asks that you understand the importance of instruction. It also shows that you are smart enough to use 21st century technology to learn in a matter of weeks what once took years to learn.

If you don’t complete a Lesson

If you don’t complete a lesson, you can complete it whenever you log on to the control panel of the Amazing Sermon Builder at You can begin where you left off and do as much or as little as you like.

Let’s Get Started

To begin your program you must be a subscriber to the Amazing Sermon Builder.
If you are not a subscriber you can subscribe if you CLICK HERE. Use your login name and password to login to the “Amazing Sermon Builder” control panel and click “Online Training Course(s)”


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