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Chapter 2: 3

2:3 "For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie; though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry."

This text focuses on the prophet Habakkuk as he is that God's promises may seem slow coming but they will come.

Historically the Jewish nation had been divided into to parts. Israel the Northern Kingdom, and Judah the Southern Kingdom. The Northern people had been destroyed by the Assyrians. They had threatened the Southern kingdom but were unsuccessful. The Southern kingdom was happy in its apparent success but it became evil and the prophet Habakkuk was given a vision from God about how God intended to resolve the situation.

Habakkuk saw the difficult times(1:3) Around him he saw violence, strife, contention, lawlessness and the success of the wicked over the righteous. He saw wrong judgments being made everywhere. They were confident of their security. They had made alliances with Egypt and were sure that the combined strength of the two nations could ward off any enemies. In their merriment they abandoned the word of God, depending heavily on the instruments of men. What Habakkuk saw disturbed him to the point that he complained to God about it.

God's response. God told Habakkuk that he would "work a work" in his life time that will seem unbelievable even to God's prophet, not to mention how it would sound to the people; but it will happen (1:5). A problem existed and God's solution to it was already in the works. The method he would use would be so completely unorthodox that it would be unbelievable. However, the novelty of his approach is what would make it succeed. God said he would raise up a nation called the Chaldeans (1:6). Chaldean is a term used for Babylonians because this the region in which they lived. They would be used to punish Judah for its sins. Although they are nonbelievers, evil in nature, terrible and dreadful God planned to use them to cause a day of judgment for his people. In the remaining verses of Chapter 1 Habakkuk describes the terror of the Babylonians and questions why God would use a nation that is worse than Judah to teach God's people a lesson. They would be used, came the answer, but their own treachery would destroy them, after God's purpose had been accomplished.

The Vision Given. In Chapter 2 God gives Habakkuk the vision of the rising of the Babylonian Kingdom. The plan God revealed was not immediate, it was long ranged, but would happen in Habakkuk's lifetime. The injustices, wrong doing and problems that Habakkuk saw would be avenged as the vision came to fruition. It would be a slow, steady development until it was done. When it is finally realized the results will speak for themselves "and not lie." Though it appeared slow in coming "it will surely come."

They were warned that as the will God will began to work itself out, certain developments, counter attacks and slick moves would serve to discourage those who are faithful, they are reminded not to be discouraged at anything they see, because the just live by faith not by sight.

In the aftermath of the vision God raised a young Babylonian king by the name of Nebuchadnezzar. His mighty armies moved toward Jerusalem and surrounded the city in a great siege. In the year 597 B.C. Jerusalem fell and every component of God's vision to Habakkuk was fulfilled, including the ultimate destruction of the infamous Babylonians who fell to the Persians.

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